Intelligent storage management not only maximizes energy efficiency, but also heating and hot water comfort. So even the smallest heat demand can be covered. At the same time, it leads to an optimized burner runtime and thus to lower pollutant emissions and higher energy efficiency.

With the optional Smart Start kit, the A2 can deliver 0-100 percent output to meet demand and provide continuous heat distribution. The content of the thermal store then serves as an active buffer, including for the heating system.

With ISM optimisation, even the lowest heat requirements of 500 watts or more can be covered in the building, yet you can still have as much hot water as you need for domestic requirements.

Frequent cycling is avoided by optimising the oil condensing boiler’s burner runtimes. Fewer burner starts mean much lower emissions of harmful substances and increased energy efficiency.

With this optimisation, ROTEX is well able to meet the steadily increasing need for a constant and immediate supply of hot water – especially with the trend for ever more luxurious bathrooms and multiple shower units in our homes, but decreasing heating requirements as building insulation improves

Provides clean and hygienic domestic hot water at all times

The ROTEX Sanicube thermal store is the perfect complement to the ROTEX A2 heating system, having been designed with the latest heating technology and domestic hot water hygiene standards in mind.

It has been specially engineered to guarantee domestic hot water of the highest quality. Sludge and rust deposits, sedimentation and even the growth of dangerous legionella bacteria, such as can be found in many large tanks, cannot occur here.

Innovative heat storage concept - Hygienic, flexible and sustainable

The innovative heat storage concept is used on the A2 when you combine the oil boiler with a Sanicube thermal store.

Advanced fuel oil storage

In combination with the ROTEX Variosafe twin wall, odourproof fuel oil tank, the oil can be stored in the same room as the boiler – even right next to it. You can then put the space previously used to store your fuel oil to better use, e.g. convert it to a hobby room or sauna. And no need to wall the tank off or use an oil drip pan.

The ROTEX Variosafe fuel oil tank with watersafe equipment is even approved for siting in areas prone to flooding.

It is compact enough to fit through standard sized doors. Ideal for modernisation projects.