A boiler with a large modulation range

The heat demand of a building varies widely depending on weather conditions and utilisation patterns. The modulating A2 constantly adjusts its output in line with demand. This ensures optimum energy utilisation. It has a particularly large modulation range of 1:25. This can even be broadened to 1:64 with the new Smart Start function.

The A2 oil fired boiler defines the current state of modern condensing boiler technology. Minimal emissions, ease of operation and maintenance and maximum energy efficiency characterize the A2 oil condensing boiler. It is ready for bio oil (B10) and all common fuel oil types.

Intelligent controls

The ROTEX RoCon digital control unit meets the most demanding standards and is intuitive to use. Values and parameters are displayed clearly. All operating modes and parameters can be set and changed quickly and easily. Key system parameters can be checked and adjusted by a contractor.

The heating water temperature is regulated according to the outdoor temperature. The control unit automatically detects when it‘s winter or summer, switching heating mode on or off accordingly. It features individually adjustable time programs for convenient control of the heating circuit and domestic hot water heating.

A room controller for regulating and monitoring the heating system can also be added.

The hybrid manager

Apart from A2 control functions, the RoCon hybrid control unit also manages the thermal store, which is the heart of the hybrid heating system. This comprehensive hybrid management system ensures the highest levels of system efficiency and optimum convenience for central heating and domestic hot water. With its intuitive menu navigation and optional control via smartphone with the ROTEX app, the ROTEX A2 is straightforward and reliable to use.

Enjoy convenient control of your ROTEX heating system from your smartphone

An intuitive app offers you a wide range of options. Set the required heating temperature – easily and conveniently. The ROTEX Control app also enables you to change time programs and operating modes. Additional information is available, too – as well as the outdoor temperature, the app also displays weather updates and forecasts for the next three days.