ROTEX‘s oil condensing technology is a worthwhile investment

Choosing the right boiler for your oil heating system is a decision that will affect you for the next 15 to 25 years. Over this period, the cost of the fuel used will prove to be a much bigger outlay than the boiler‘s original purchase price. Therefore, this is the area where you can make the greatest savings.

Advanced oil heating system

A modern oil heating system will fit seamlessly into your home. Oil condensing boilers minimise emissions, are very easy to operate and convert fuel into available heat with virtually no losses. The fuel supply can be stored in the same room as the boiler thanks to modern safety tanks which are fitted with odour barriers. Combining the boiler with a solar thermal system and hygienic thermal store add the perfect finishing touches.

Suitable for boiler replacement or in new buildings

The ROTEX A2 is ideally suited to replacing older boillers. It can already handle the lowest heat requirements and delivers the highest DHW convenience, so it is also suitable for new buildings. The ROTEX oil condensing boiler is approved for installation directly next to safety fuel oil tanks. Room air independent operation is integrated as standard.