BLAZESTOP is an affordable sprinkler system suitable for both existing homes as well as new homes built within rural zones.

The New Zealand Fire strongly encourages and recommend the installation of home fire sprinklers to provide maximum protection for life and property especially if the home is located more than 10 minute response time from a fire station.

The cost of installing a home fire sprinkler is significantly lower than the cost of other options required by Councils to provide fire fighting water. These options are stipulated in the New Zealand Fire Service Firefighting Water Supplies Code of Practice, SNZ PAS 4509:2008.

This Code of Practice is a non-mandatory New Zealand Standard that sets out the requirements for firefighting water supply and access to that supply that is acceptable to Councils. It outlines the different methods to provide a sufficient firefighting water supply needed to fight a fire and to limit the spread of fire in rural zones.

Compliance’ for dwellings stipulated within the Code is generally achieved by one of two ways:

  1. Providing a domestic sprinkler system and 7,000 litres of dedicated firefighting water supply;


  2. Providing a minimum volume of water (45,000 litre of dedicated firefighting water supply) with a 100 mm female coupling and access to the water supply, including complying with the appropriate distance requirements (within 6 - 90 mtrs) and providing an appropriate hardstand area.

Please consult your Council for more information regarding firefighting water requirements within the required rural zone and the option of installing a home fire sprinkler system instead of installing large firefighting water tanks.


Tasman District Council Rural Zone 1 and Rural Zone 2

Tasman District Council 2 August 2014 Rules Section 17.5 page 17/95
Controlled Activities (Building Construction or Alteration)

(d) Only in relation to the construction of a dwelling and not an alteration, and except where any dwelling is connected to a reticulated water supply:
- Incorporating water mains fitted with fire hydrants; and
- The closest fire hydrant is no more than 135 metres from the dwelling,

The dwelling is:


(i) Provided with a water supply that is:
- Accessible to fire fighting equipment; and
- Between 6 metres and 90 metres from the dwelling; and
- On the same site as the dwelling (except where the specified volume or flow of water is in a pond, dam, or river that is within the required distances); and

Either - Stores at least 45,000 litres
Or - Provides at least 25 litres per second for 30 minutes;


(ii) Provided with a home fire-sprinkler system that is fitted with a reliable year- round water supply;


(iii) Connected to a reticulated supply that is capable of supplying a potable water supply, or if such a supply is not
available, the dwelling is supplied from:
- A rainwater supply; or
- A surface water source; or
- A groundwater source that is both reliable and potable and, where stored on site, is at least 23,000 litres in volume.